What Clients Say About Lydia

My Bid was Number One

I asked Lydia to acquire a home for me in Marin as a speculative venture. I needed a house that was under priced or would appreciate significantly if improved. She had half dozen prospects for me to inspect in short order. I am happy to say that I did find a suitable house and beat out three other bidders in part to Lydia's savvy about the value of this property and how to present the offer so it was number one. Get her as your Marin County real estate agent for sure.

Dr. Fassler

Artistry in Home Improvement and Garden Design

I've known Lydia Treadway for a long time. She has done design work for me in my home. She is a talented person who has a unique combination of talents and skills which include being a fine artist and an incomparable home improver. She has a Master's of Fine Arts degree. But she is no impractical artist. She has the vision to see what a home can be and knows everything from replacing a roof, which walls to rip out, to masonry work. On a steep hillside lot, she created a magnificent terraced garden--and has become a Consulting Rosarian in order to tend her roses. An engaging, warm and capable person, she does whatever it takes to get a job done well. She is looking for a new house for my husband and me. I strongly recommend her if you are buying or selling a house in Marin or want ideas to improve your present home.

Gloria Fraser, MSW

Lydia Found My Dream Home

Just before the market went crazy in Marin during the late 1990s, I had connected with a realtor who just didn’t listen to a word I was saying when I told her what I wanted, where I wanted to live and what I could afford. It was a frustrating experience and I came out of the experience with a very low opinion of those involved in the real estate industry. When the market started to go crazy for both sales and rentals, I thought I did not stand a chance to get into a house as a first time buyer. Then somebody introduced me to Lydia Treadway.

Even though I told Lydia what I thought of realtors at that point, she just smiled and said she would get me into a place. As the market went totally crazy, I decided that there was no chance of me ever getting into my own home-I had even planned a job and house finding trip to another city in another state. Lydia convinced me that I could buy a home.

Within a month or two Lydia had found a number of homes that I could afford and helped me get into a great place. She even helped me get financing that cost me less per month than the rent I was paying before I bought the home.

When my job site changed and I felt the commute was too far, Lydia called me before I had a chance to call her. She worked with us to sell our home quickly and for a good price. Our neighbors at the time had put there house on the market at the same time. Their house languished on the market for months before selling for less than ours.

Lydia then helped us find the perfect house. I had joked with my partner about wanting a house next to green space with a ¼ acre yard with hardwood floors lots of windows, a 2 car garage, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a spacious feel to it-and I wanted it for an affordable price. Even though I never told Lydia this was my dream home, this is what she found for us-in a fantastic neighborhood with great neighbors as well! And again, Lydia helped us find an excellent mortgage broker who was able to provide us with financing that met our needs to a “T”. Lydia was even able to connect us to excellent resources in order to accomplish a few needed repairs on the new property. A few years ago I never would have believed that I could own such a wonderful home in such a wonderful neighborhood.

Lydia is an absolute wonder, an exceptional professional who has an exceptional awareness of the Marin Real Estate Market and a profound intuition and awareness of her client’s needs and desires. Lydia also really listens. She has changed my opinion of Realtors as people and professionals who are indispensable in navigating the market, and of all the realtors I have met and had to interact with, Lydia is by far the best and most responsive to her clients. In realty matters, I would not work with anybody but Lydia!

Jean Taylor-Woodbury
R.N., M.S., A.N.P.-C
Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Lydia is the Best I Have Worked With

After having worked with other realtors I can confidently say that Lydia Treadway is the best. She is intuitive, attentive to detail, honest and she doesn’t just hear you talking-she listens to what you are saying. She was able to get me into a home during the peak market of the “dot com” era, a market with buyers that were outbidding me by tens of thousands of dollars on fixer uppers. She was diligent in finding places that would meet my needs and that I could afford. She kept me motivated when I was ready to throw in the towel and move out of the area. Lydia called me three years after the purchase of my first property just as it was becoming too small for my needs-to tell me is was time to upgrade from my condo and get into a house. With Lydia’s guidance and skills I know own a house that will be my home for many years to come. It is a wonderful home which brings me great joy every time I come home to it, and every moment I spend in it. I tease her about being an angel, how else could she know and do as much as she does without divine intervention?

I highly recommend her for anyone’s real estate needs. She is a truly great Marin County Realtor!

Calvin Crosby
San Rafael, CA

This Old House Revisited
I am a contractor and buy houses in Sonoma and Marin County to fix up and resell. Lydia Treadway acted as my Realtor and worked with me to buy a view property in Marin. I was surprised to find that she knows a great deal about building, how a house is situated on the lot, view corridors, and especially interior remodeling ideas. She has experience in doing lots of remodels herself. This is unusual in a Realtor. Her judgment worked out for me and I will take many of her suggestions in renovating this house. There is no doubt that Lydia Treadway will be my sales agent when I am finished with this project. She knows how to get a good price for my property and I find working with her is easy because she answers every call and right away. She knows what she is doing.


Leaving Our Home of 25 Years:
Lydia Made It Easier

We sold our home of 25 years after lots of emotional ups and downs. It was time to move to a smaller place but we didn't want to leave the house we loved for so long. We did have the house on the market one year earlier and couldn't sell it. Then Lydia Treadway accepted the challenge, took over our listing, and made things work immediately. Her advertising and contacts brought us lots of bids and very quickly! We we were shocked and nervous about selling, but she stayed with us, calmed our worries, and made the process much easier. We sold the house for more than the asking price! The buyers were happy and we were thrilled. Then Lydia found us just what we were looking for in our new place and closed the deal promptly so we could be settled. She got us a bargain. The next year our new place went way up in value. Thank you, Lydia, for being patient with us and so smart in Real Estate deals.

Wm. & M. Foti

Buying Your First House Is A BIG DEAL!

When you are just starting out and trying to buy your first house, it is stress a hundred times over! Lydia was right there for me and guided me through all the complications so that I now have my new Townhouse in Marin. I barely had enough down payment and really needed her encouragement to seek out ways to make this deal work. It was touch and go. Lydia was there to represent me in the negotiations and present my bid. It has really been a great deal financially for me besides having my own place to live. Thanks to Lydia helping me through this purchase. She cared about finding me a place I could afford and listened to all my anxious questions. She knows what she is doing in the marketplace. I recommend her to anyone wanting to go into real estate.


Our Best Coach for a First Time Homebuyer

Lydia is a terrific coach. As first time homebuyers our resources were limited and our expectations high. With Lydia we found the right property. It was a probate sale and the process was emotionally trying. Lydia was constantly available to work through the details and help us prepare for a competitive offer situation. We believe that our offer was selected from the three offers made because our financing was in order, title and escrow work had begun and we were clear in our intent. A realtor must be able to find a property for you, but it is equally essential to work with a realtor who can structure your offer to be accepted and negotiate all the little details along the way to closing. Lydia is that realtor and coach. Thanks for getting me a home in Marin.

K. M.

Lydia Found My Perfect Home

I had a list of requirements, very specific, that I presented to Lydia. In two days she called with literally the perfect property. Someone else's offer had been accepted before I could bid on it. However, Lydia then went on to pepper the neighborhood with flyers and contacted the owners to see if anyone else might be interested in selling. She turned up two options, one of which I now own. I feel that Lydia 'solicited' the perfect home for me. If not for her very pro-active effort, I would not be where I am today. It was the only time a realtor had gone beyond looking at the MLS book or computer screen for me.

Eleanor A. M.

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