Most people who decide to sell their home want top dollar for their property, as little hassle in the process as possible, and a clean deal with closing of escrow in their time frame.

To minimize the worries in selling Lydia provides complete and open communication all along the way. You are always informed about the progress of the sale and Lydia is readily available to answer your questions. A conscientious professional Marin County Realtor will make sure that stress is minimized and that your chances of success in selling for top dollar are maximized.

To accomplish your sale... LYDIA WILL:

  • Explain the entire selling process and how your home will be carefully marketed
  • Use multiple listing and other sources to show how much Buyers are paying for property with features similar to yours and help you set an accurate price
  • Share proven tips and techniques that will help attract qualified buyers so your home will sell quickly
  • Explain how my marketing plan is designed to keep you informed of all activities to sell your house
  • Place information about your home through our multiple listing service, on my Web Site on the Internet, and advertise Open House dates
  • Arrange for a tour of your home by Marin County Realtors in the area so they can see its benefits and special features and then hold Open House dates for buyers
  • Notify you immediately when offers are made
  • Arrange a favorable contract which will protect you legally
  • Keep you informed from contract ratification through the closing of escrow
  • Help you find a new home with our relocation services
  • Keep you informed throughout the entire selling process and after the sale of your home
  • Exclusively represent you as the sole client to protect you in obtaining favorable terms, solid value for your property, and success in closing!

SELLING: Frequently Asked Questions

Please Click on the following questions you want answered.

How do you determine the price on your home?

There are several ways of finding out what your home is worth. The first method, Comparative Market Analysis, is done by Realtors going to the public records and finding comparable homes that have sold in the neighborhood and estimating value by size, number of rooms, construction and location as well as special features the home has. This basic information is available in the County Assessor's or Recorder's Office. A good Real Estate Professional will be able to do this research for you so be sure to ask for "Comps" when you are serious about selling your home.

A step beyond this approach is the "CAMO" method(Caravan Marketing Opinion) in which your Realtor invites the opinions of other knowledgeable Marin County Realtors to visit the house and provide an estimate of the price it will sell for in the current market. This is useful in that market conditions change rapidly in Marin and a comparable home in the neighborhood sold six months previously may be worth considerably more in today's market.

The Appraisal method of home valuation is a standard one required by mortgage lenders. A Certified Real Estate Appraiser must do this estimate. Again this is an estimate of the quality and value of the home at the time of appraisal and takes into account the construction cost per square foot, design features, floor plan, neighborhood location, size of lot and terrain, view, landscaping and the availability of transportation, schools, and shopping areas. Appraisers tend to be conservative in that they act for the Lender who is seeking to protect their loan. Two appraisers studying the same property may come up with different amounts for value because they are providing estimates based on their conclusions from the facts they detail in the report. Appraisers also will list similar properties in the area as "Comps" in their report but these properties may differ significantly form the one you wish to sell.

The use of all methods will give a good idea of the range of price you should be considering. It is a common mistake to determine a price on an emotional basis, sentimental value, or ballpark figure. A home will sell for what someone will decide to pay. Buyers are not going to be interested in a property that is over-priced because they do see other homes and can compare what is available quite easily. Their Realtor is also watchful in providing advice about homes with too high a price compared to the overall market conditions. Therefore, it is essential to set a price that reflects the best determination of the true market value at the time of listing. Too low or too high both may have negative results for your sale. You want to maximize your gain on your property. You also want to have your home sell as soon as possible. A home that sits on the market for months can get stale and obtain a reputation of having something wrong with it. An accurate price can bring qualified buyers and a sale will take place in a timely manner so you can move ahead with you plans.

The object is to set an accurate price relative to the location and current market trends; sell the home as quickly as possible; and close escrow in a convenient time frame with minimal hassle. Lydia uses internet valuation technology as well as her good sense and knowledge of the micro-market to arrive at a price for you. Ask Lydia to check what your home is worth and select her as your Marin County Realtor.

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What should I look for in a Realtor?

The first thing is your comfort in dealing with the person who will represent you in a large financial transaction. Does the Realtor communicate with you freely and make good sense in answering your questions? You should have a strong sense that this is a person you can relate to easily.

Is your Marin County Realtor a full-time professional? You want someone who is on top of the market and fully present on the microclimate of the Marin real estate market. Lydia qualifies. She has raised a family, worked, and owned property in Marin for 25 years. In addition to this she has served on community Boards and Commissions and still provides volunteer services. You want a Marin County Realtor who is actively involved in the life of Marin.

You want someone who will be there to fully communicate with you about all aspects of the process. Are they knowledgeable and able to explain things clearly? Does this person answer their phone calls and email very promptly? They should. Lydia does!

Does your Marin County Realtor have a personal assistant to give quick back up and response to details? Lydia has a personal assistant, secretary, escrow coordinator, and associates in the office to make sure your transaction is given thorough consideration.

Also Lydia has long-standing working relationships with mortgage professionals, bankers, architects, engineers, contractors, craftsmen, and interior designers. This amplifies service for you and provides access to those who can offer help when you need it.

Your Marin County Realtor should be a person who is highly ethical, open with you and will deal with all parties on an honest footing. Legal and ethical standards for practice are codified and must be followed scrupulously. You wouldn't want less than this!

What about the tense times when you are uncertain and have doubts about your deal? Can you share these with your Realtor and count on a stable response? You want someone in your corner who will listen to you and who will also give you good advice and guidance.

The decisions are those that ultimately must be made by you. Do not let any Realtor push you into a contract with no way out! Do not have a Realtor who does not take you seriously and listen to your concerns attentively. You are the client and should be the one who is exclusively represented by your Realtor. Insist on this and make sure you are not being drawn into an agreement that is not in your best interest. Do not accept sales pressure from an aggressive Realtor to hurry you in a decision. Take your time and seek advice from someone you can trust. Lydia is a Marin County Realtor you can trust!


  • Commitment to excellent service to my clients, the best real estate services you can get
  • Communicate effectively with my clients by listening to their plans, and helping them realize their goals
  • Solve problems, find strategies, and seek out creative ways to reach my clients' property goals
  • Provide information about the real estate process so my clients are fully educated about their deal and have the facts to make sound decisions to benefit them
  • Attempt to protect my clients from "bad" deals, unfavorable to their goals, and risky situations
  • Act as my clients' consultant and guide through the real estate process to its conclusion and after the close of escrow

I promise to provide you with outstanding services that you will want to recommend to your friends. This is a professional relationship that will be based on mutual trust and continue for a long time. I am here to help you with real estate projects and I do hope you will call on me for years to come when you have interests in property. When I match a buyer and seller with a home they desire, this is a very satisfying and happy time for all. The goal is to get you your dream home, a secure base you can build upon and enjoy life in Marin, or to sell your home, realize maximum gain, and move ahead. Your success is our achievement. Let Lydia be your Marin County Realtor.

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Can I leave a listing contract at any time?

The answer is YES! Never let a Realtor put you in a situation in which you are "locked in" a deal and have no way out. This is the traditional method Realtors use in setting up a listing contract. You should insist on being able to cancel you listing at any time and without pressure to change your mind. Lydia makes sure that you have a free choice to leave a listing contract at any time and with no questions asked. This gives you protection. You must be satisfied with your deal. Lydia represents you exclusively and your satisfaction is paramount.

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How can I get top dollar for my home?

You want to set an accurate price for your home to attract qualified buyers. Sometimes a price that is on the low side will actually attract more buyers and you will find competition in bids that will at times drive the price higher than you might have expected. A home is only going to sell for the price a buyer is willing to pay. Lydia is very skillful in setting up a marketing plan, helping you determine the price of your home and she knows the process to obtain the highest bid offer.

To make sure your home attains this high value you will need to showcase your home. This means that you should consider repairs, painting, cleaning rugs, making space in your home so that it is at its best presentation for Realtors and their buyers. A bright, clean, and well presented home will bring a higher bid offer. First impressions are very important. It is common to see homes with poor paint and in obvious need of repairs bring down a price on a ratio of 4 to 1. Thus every $100 dollars of effort in preparation for sale may hold up $400 or more in value. It's good business to make a strong effort to present your home at its best!

It is important to attract buyers immediately to your home. The freshness of a home when it is just placed on the market is a key to obtaining top dollar. Realtors and Brokers will preview the property at its open house and then in the first few weeks there will be maximum interest in showing it to clients. A home that is properly showcased and priced will draw offers very quickly in the current Marin market. After the newness of the listing draws on and lingers, fewer prospective buyers are shown this home by Realtors. They may harbor ideas that something is wrong with the property if it does not sell promptly. Overpricing a home or by not showcasing will tend to limit opportunities to have good offers made on your home. This is why you need a savvy Realtor who knows the micro-market and can guide you in this effort to market your home successfully. Lydia is the Marin County Realtor you can trust!

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What does the seller pay for?

In most transactions it is standard in Marin County for the Seller to pay for the following items:

  • Real Estate Commission
  • Deed document preparation fee
  • Documentary transfer tax
  • Payoff all loans in the Seller's name
  • Interest accrued to the lender being paid off, Prepayment fees, Statement fees
  • Termite repairs (according to contract)
  • Home Warranty (according to contract)
  • Any tax liens, judgments, etc. against the Seller
  • Recording charges to clear all documents of record against the Seller
  • Any unpaid Homeowner Association dues
  • Any bonds or assessments (according to contract)
  • Delinquent or back taxes due
  • Notary fees
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